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In season 3 of Money Heist. They introduced new characters, including Berlin‘s former girlfriend Tatiana.

Through several flashbacks, it is revealed how the character, played by Diana Gómez, has detailed knowledge about the plan.

In episode six, she is introduced as a concert pianist and a thief. “Piano and jewels are my two specialties,” she tells the Professor when she first meets him.

But, now there is much speculation around her role and whether inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) could turn out to be Tatiana.

diana gomez

Several fans could see a similarity between the two faces and have been wondering if she is Tatiana or a close relative (sister) of Tatiana. “Alicia has something to do with the heist.

There’s a lot of speculation that she is Tatiana, and I’d love if that were to be true. The fact that she plays her cards so well may be supported by how she understands how Berlin and The Professor’s brain works.

But that’s if she is Tatiana,” a user wrote on Reddit, and another one commented: “We know that Alicia has a secret she hides from everyone, so, maybe they’re related.”

We all are excited for season 4 to reveal this secret. Because there are many theories fans are making about Alicia Sierra.

Diana Gomez

Diana Gómez was born on March 7, 1989, in Igualada, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain as Diana Gómez Raich. She is an actress, known for Eloïse (2009), Little Ashes (2008) and Faraday (2013).

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