Toledo House Money Heist – La Casa De Papel

The house in Toledo is the property where the eight robbers meet during the preparation of the break-up of the National Currency and Stamp Factory, for five months.

In June 2016, the Professor recruited eight robbers including Silene Oliveira, offering them “a good plan”. He then brought these eight individuals to this house, for a period of five months.

Within this six hundred and forty hectare property, the Professor explains to them all the details of the plan he has imagined. The thieves each have a room, like the Professor.

toledo la casa de papel

House of Toledo in Money Heist

ProvinceProvince of Toledo
Resident(s)The Professor (temporarily)
Berlin (temporarily)
Tokyo (temporarily)
Rio (temporarily)
Nairobi (temporarily)
Denver (temporarily)
Moscow (temporarily)
Helsinki (temporarily)
Oslo (temporarily)
AffiliationRobbery of the Royal Mint of Spain

Raquel understands that the robbers had to practice shooting to prepare for the robbery. She, therefore, asked all the teams to look for a property with a hunting ground around the Palomeque pharmacy where traces of purchase of Retroxil were found. The police peeled the cadastre of the city of Toledo and finally found the house where the robbers had trained.

Upon arriving at the scene, Raquel, the scientific police, and the Suárez teams discover that everything has remained in the plan: empty bottles can give the DNA of the robbers, and even the sales register of the Palomeque pharmacy: the Professor’s entire plan seems to be at hand.

In reality, the Professor has, once again, planned everything: by leaving the police a crime scene full of unnecessary little details, he gives the robbers time to print even more money, which Raquel quickly understands.

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