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Silvia is a hostage. Because on 21 October 2016, Silvia is in the Royal Mint of Spain at the turning of the factory and is, therefore, part of the hostages.

Silvia Wiki Money Heist

She, along with other girls, is kept out of the main hostage group. On Sunday, October 23, Berlin, one of the robbers, amused itself by frightening this group of hostages by revealing to them that it had executed Mónica Gaztambide and that it does not regret it.

Silvia starts having a panic attack and the robber takes her to her office to make the other girls feel anguished. She finds herself tied up in the Berlin office and is the subject of more than inappropriate gestures on the part of her captor.

silvia money heist wiki
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Skin ColorFair

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