Rio (Aníbal Cortés) in La Casa De Papel – Money Heist [2020]

Aníbal Cortés is a young man who is a hacker and also a member of the group who robbed the Royal Mint of Spain. He was also known by his code name “Rio”. Here will tell you some information about Rio which you want to know.

Rio Money Heist

Rio Wiki Money Heist

He was born in 1997, His real name is Aníbal Cortés. As a child, his parents called him Rayo (flash in Spanish).

When he was younger, he often stayed locked in his room. His parents thought he was working or playing on his computer. He started programming at the age of six.

Aníbal Cortés has a code name Rio. He is the first young boy in the team. Rio has a great grip on computers and different hacking systems.

He was coding since he was six. He knows everything about alarms and electronic security systems.

Rio Personality

Young, intelligent and dreamy. Not very mature, he is the weakest (emotionally) of the group. He has a lot to lose, unlike the others, since he has kept in touch with his family. Despite everything, he wants to prove, with this burglary, what he is capable of.

General Info about Rio (Aníbal Cortés)

Full NameAníbal Cortés
Code NameRio
OccupationHacker (Robber)
Height1,70 – 1,80m
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Skin ColorFair
Lover(s)Tokyo (ex-girlfriend)

Rio Relationships in Money Heist

Tokyo: She has a romantic relationship with Rio. They hang out and do parties together. Rio wants to marry Tokyo (in Part 1 – Part 2) but suddenly there are some problems appear and Rio breakup with Tokyo.

Berlin: Rio and Berlin don’t have good relations. Berlin hates Rio because he is not focusing on his work and spending more time with Tokyo and following her. Berlin has shown his true hate for Rio when berlin tries to shoot him.

Other Crew Members: He is working well with other team members. But sometimes he faces difficulties with team members. But usually getting around with them.

Miguel Herran Wiki

Miguel herran wiki

Miguel Herran is a Spanish actor. He was born on the 25th of April and 1996 in Málaga, Spain. Miguel is best known for his roles as “Anibal Cortes, Rio” in Money Heist. He gained international fame by playing the main role in the group of Heist (La casa de Papel).

General Info About Miguel Herran

Full NameMiguel Herran
Born25th April 1996
Birth PlaceMálaga, Spain
Age23 years
Height1,70 – 1,80m

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