Raquel Murillo – La Casa De Papel – Money Heist

Raquel Murillo has played the role of a Spanish Police inspector. She was leading the team against the heist in the royal mint of Spain. If you want to know more about Itziar Ituño? Then here we have provided all the necessary information about Raquel Murilo.

Raquel Murillo Money Heist Wiki

Raquel Murrilo Wiki

Raquel Murillo is an inspector and she also has a daughter Paula Vicuña Murillo. Raquel and her husband Alberto Vicuna’s relations are not good. She wants to divorce him and wants her daughter to stay with her. Raquel Murillo’s mother’s name is Marivi in Money Heist.

General Info about Raquel Murillo

Full NameRaquel Murillo Fuentes
Code NameLisbon
Police officer (formerly)
Height1.64 m
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Lover(s)The Professor (Sergio Marquina) (boyfriend)
Alberto Vicuña (ex-husband)

Raquel Murillo Relationships in Money Heist

Salva (The Professor): She falls in love with Professor who is the mastermind of the heist at the royal mint of Spain. But Raquel Murillo doesn’t know that Salva (Professor) is the brain behind the heist.

Angel: She has good friendships with the Angel. She is working with him as an inspector for 15 years. They got some irrelevant problems during the heist. Then this effect on their friendship. But they still care about each other.

Real Life Itziar Ituño Wiki

itziar wiki

Itziar Ituño is a Spanish actress. Her real full name is Itziar Ituño Martínez. Itziar was born on June 18, 1974. She studied acting at the Basauri Theater School. She also studied sociology.

Her mother tongue is Spanish, but she learned Basque at age 19, which allowed her to act in television series on Basque public channels. To this day she remains fluent in Basque and has dedicated herself to promoting the language.

Itziar Ituño General Info

Full NameItziar Ituño Martínez
BornJune 18, 1974
Age45 years
Birth PlaceBasauri, Spain
Hair ColorBrown
LanguageSpanish, Basque
Height1.64 m

Networth Of Itziar Ituno

According to online trusted resources. We have found that Itziar Ituño has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. However, the factual data on her annual salary and income is yet to be disclosed.

Movies List Itziar Ituno

  • Agujeros en el cielo (2001)
  • El final de la noche (2003)
  • Arkadia (2005)
  • El cazador de dragones (2010)
  • Izarren Argia (2010)
  • Loreak (2014)
  • Lasa y Zabala (2014)
  • El Buen Mal (2014)
  • Un otoño sin Berlin (2015)
  • Igelak (2016)
  • Errementari (2017)
  • For the Good Times (2017)
  • Tarde para el recreo (2017)
  • Basque Selfie (2018)
  • El silencio de la ciudad blanca (2019)

Itziar Ituno Series List

  • Agur Olentzero, agur (1997), TV movie.
  • Ander eta konpainia (2000), ETB 1.
  • Teilatupean (2000–2001), ETB 1.
  • Platos sucios (2002), ETB 2.
  • Kilker Dema (2002), ETB 1.
  • Goenkale (2001–2015), ETB 1, Nekane Beitia.
  • Cuéntame cómo pasó (2016), TVE, Koro Zabaleta.
  • Pulsaciones (2017), Antena 3.
  • La casa de papel (2017–2019), Antena 3 then Netflix, Raquel Murillo.


Is Raquel dead money heist?
Raquel is still alive, After their dramatic escape from monitoring the heist from outside of the bank, Raquel (Itziar Ituño) and El Professor were sent on the run through the forest. Raquel ended up in a farmhouse hiding from the police before she is given up by those who own it.

Is Raquel Murillo a traitor?
Raquel Murillo, the traitor?? A huge of suspense is created around the professor’s love interest Raquel Murillo who is supposed to be a traitor as she was first an inspector who later on joined the gang.

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