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She works in science, under the orders of Alberto Vicuña. Charged with her colleagues of the Scientist of the investigation into the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain, she must first inspect the police car used by the Professor to intimidate Nikolai Dimitrievich.

She manages to isolate a few fingerprints and traces of DNA, but unfortunately, none match the DNA identified in the police files.

Later, unofficially, Ángel Rubio asks him to compare the DNA found in the car with a sample found on a small spoon stolen from Salva, alias the Professor. He wants to prove to Raquel that “Salva” has a link with the robbery.

Sometime later, Pilar calls Ángel back and confirms to him that the person who touched the spoon is the one who got into the police vehicle.

But the sub-inspector was the victim of a road accident and fell into a coma before being able to reveal to Raquel who it was.

Finally, Alberto asks Pilar to take the fingerprints of all the bins (where the confiscated objects are placed) from the police station and compare them first with those of the small spoon found by Ángel, then with those found on the seat passenger in his car. It is thanks to these analyses that Alberto has proof that Salva is the Professor.

Pilar Wiki Money Heist

Pilar money heist
OccupationForensic science expert
AffiliationScientific police

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