Alison Parker’s Mother | La Casa De Papel – Money Heist

The mother of Alison Parker is the wife of the British ambassador Ben Parker and the mother of Alison Parker.

In 1999, the wife of Benjamin Parker gives birth to a little girl, Alison

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In October 2016, his daughter Alison found himself hostage in the robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain. It was with the aim of preventing this story from becoming a diplomatic incident of international scope that the CNI, and in particular Colonel Prieto, seized this affair.

Name(Mother of Alison Parker)
FamilyBenjamin Parker (husband)
Alison Parker (daughter)
Liz Parker (daughter)
AffiliationBritish Embassy in Spain
Parker family

A few hours after the start of the robbery, Alison has the possibility of shooting a video in order to tell her parents that she is fine and thus reassure them.

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