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Agustin Ramos, Also known by his codename Moscow. He was one of the main protagonists in Part 1 and 2 of Money Heist. He was one of the eight robbers who went in to rob the Royal Mint of Spain and the father of Denver, another protagonist in the show.

Moscow (Agustin Ramos) Wiki

We find out a little bit about Moscow’s childhood in Part 2 that when his son, Denver, was very young, his wife was struggling with drug addiction. Moscow revealed that he left his wife at a roundabout to pick up her drugs, but left with Denver before she returned, and moved elsewhere.

Moscow money heist wiki

He explains that he regrets that decision and went back many times to try and find her, but never did. He only told Denver the truth about this during Part 2; until then Denver thought his mother left them.

Before beginning his criminal life of burglary, he used to be a miner, but it was revealed that he was claustrophobic and so left shortly after.

Moscow was also involved in other robberies before the Royal Mint robbery. And he had served time before as seen in Part 1. He accepted the Professor’s offer for the Royal Mint robbery to help Denver out after 800 pills he was holding for a dealer got stolen from his car, and help pay off his debt.

Agustin Ramos Wiki

Full NameAgustin Ramos
Code NameMoscow
OccupationRobber, miner (formerly)
Lover(s)Unnamed wife
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey

Relationships in Money Heist

Denver: Moscow had a very friendly and sweet relationship with his son, and Denver looked up to him as a father, even though he wasn’t an ideal role model.

Tokyo: Moscow took on a fatherly figure to Tokyo also. She grew fond of the old man and admired his fatherly personality. Moscow has been rude to Tokyo before, saying that she was the kind of person that “jumps over a river and leaves the rocks falling behind her”, although he later came to regret that he said this.

Others in the gang: All those in the group liked Moscow very much and accepted him as one of their own. He and his son Denver were always the ones to introduce a sense of friendship and community, whether it be through singing or dancing together during lunch at the Toledo estate.

Paco Tous wiki

Real life Paco Tous Introduction

Francisco Martínez Tous, Professionally known as Paco Tous, is a Spanish actor. He is best known for his starring roles as Paco in the television series Los hombres de Paco (2005–2010) and as Agustín “Moscú” Ramos in the television series La casa de Papel, which premiered in 2017.

Paco Tous Wiki

NamePaco Tous
BornFebruary 10, 1964
Birth PlaceMunicipality of El Puerto de Santa María, Spain
Age55 years
Hight1,80 – 1,90m
SpouseBelén Candil

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