Money Heist – Royal Mint of Spain – La Casa De Papel

The robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain is a heist that takes place in Madrid from Friday, October 21, 2016, around 10 a.m. to Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at 6:28 p.m.

On October 21, 2016, at ten in the morning, eight robbers attack the Royal Mint of Spain. They follow the Professor’s orders.

Their goal is to print the sum of 2.4 billion euros in small denominations of 50 euros, in less than eleven days, without spilling a single drop of blood. They will, however, have to watch sixty-seven hostages.

royal mint of spain money heist

Professor’s Plan

By recruiting his eight robbers, the Professor explains from the start that he does not want any name, personal questions or intimate relationships between the robbers: NPPRP (Ningún Nombre, Preguntas Personales, o Relaciónes Personales).

The aim is to hold up the National Currency and Stamp Factory in Madrid, in order to be able to print their own, untraceable notes. But all this without shedding a drop of blood in order to remain “robins of the woods”. The Professor hopes to get by with 2,400 million euros, or 200 million a day for a dozen days.

How they Enter the Royal Mint

The eight robbers must first intercept the truck delivering the paper money to the Factory. They can enter in all discretion, escorted by the police.

Once inside the building, it is to make belief in the most common breakage: activate the alarm, go out with a few bags of tickets and pretend to be taken by surprise by the police.

In reality, you just need to save time to print as many tickets as possible. This is what criminals will seek to do throughout the robbery.

royal mint of spain money heist

Who is Little Lamb

The Professor did not choose the day of the robbery at random: it is precisely this day that the Brighton College in Madrid is visiting the Factory. And a student, Alison Parker particularly interests the robbers because she is, in fact, the daughter of the ambassador of the United Kingdom, whom they nicknamed the Little Lamb.

Also, the police are forced to attack the Currency House in order to maintain good diplomatic relations. And that’s where the plan comes to fruition: hooded robbers, masked, and armed with a machine gun, must show that the police cannot launch an assault since the hostages are dressed like robbers.

Alison must also warn the media that the Ambassador’s daughter is being held, hostage.

NameRoyal Mint of Spain
ProvinceCommunity of Madrid
Location106 rue Jorge Juan
28009 Madrid
FunctionMonetary institution and postage stamp printer
Employee(s) Arturo Román (managing director)
Mónica Gaztambide (secretary to the director, formerly)
Ariadna Cascales
Francisco Torres (ticket printer)
Jacinto (vigil)

Trojan horse

Before embarking on this case, the Professor understood that the police would try at one time or another to break into the Factory.

But he finds a way to turn the situation to his advantage: when Angel is in the Factory, the Professor spots him with his video surveillance cameras and the robbers must introduce a miniature microphone into his glasses in a few minutes, the time to conduct a search to divert attention.

Thus, the Professor hears everything from the police plan and can plan everything to counter it.

Valencia plan

When the Professor gives the order to activate the Valencia plan ( Es. Valencia Plan), the robbers must pull on rollers, while the hostages cry out with all their might. The noise thus gives the impression of a shooting in the Factory, alerting the police. The goal here is to force the police to react quickly, thinking as little as possible.

Cameroon Map

The Cameroon plan (Es. Plan Camerún) consists of making oneself loved by the public. Indeed, as the Professor explains, an individual always takes part in the side of the weakest, of those who will lose. For example, if Cameroon plays against Brazil in a World Cup final, people will support the Cameroonians because they are certain that this team is no match for Brazil.


The Chernobyl plan (Es. Chernóbil Plan) is only to be used in the event of a desperate situation. The Professor only explained it in Berlin. It involves throwing balloons filled with tickets on the street and then warning television and radio. The agitation in the streets would be such that the robbers would only have to escape discreetly. However, this plan will not be used.

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