Money Heist Cast: from Season 1 to Season 3

You will not see any web page which provides you all the actors and actresses name in one place.

But in this post, we will try to provide all the names of characters that you saw in the Money Heist From Season 1 to Season 3.

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All Cast of Money Heist:

Oslo money heist wiki

Roberto García – Oslo Wiki

The narrator Tokyo introduces them to her own words. “And there are the twins, Helsinki and Oslo. Even the most sophisticated plan ever needs soldiers;…
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carmen money heist wiki

Mari Carmen Wiki

Mari Carmen was the wife of assistant inspector Ángel Rubio. Their relationship has not worked properly since her husband fell in love with teammate Raquel.…
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Money Heist Denver's Mother

Denver’s Mother Wiki

The mother of Denver is the ex-wife of Agustin Ramos, with whom she had a son, Ricardo. Denver’s Mother Money Heist Story Denver’s mother was…
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Pilar money heist

Pilar Wiki La Casa De Papel

She works in science, under the orders of Alberto Vicuña. Charged with her colleagues of the Scientist of the investigation into the robbery of the…
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Najwa nimri wiki money heist

Alicia Sierra Money Heist Wiki

Alicia Sierra is a police inspector. She is a strong and big decision-maker. Alicia is a pregnant woman in a money heist. She was torturing…
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If you think that we have missed any name. Then please let us know in the comment. So that we will add it quickly.

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