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Mercedes Colmenar is a high school teacher. She takes her students on a visit to the Museum of Royal Mint of Spain on the day of the heist.

A devoted teacher, but a little overwhelmed by events, Mercedes shows throughout the robbery that protecting her students is essential for her.

Mercedes Colmenar

After working in a number of public high schools and almost a year of unemployment, she finally found the job of her dreams: to teach at Brighton College in Madrid, a renowned establishment in Spain.

She is also tutors de primero de bachillerato, that is to say, the equivalent of the main teacher of 1st in France.

She teaches in particular philosophy, ethics, the history of religions. She also runs workshops on the environment and sex education.

She is preparing the first outing with the group at the Royal Mint, without knowing what was going to happen to them.

Mercedes feels responsible for her students and shows an almost maternal dedication, but she is often overwhelmed by events. She does her best to make the turning safe.

During the robbery, she takes one of her students in particular under a wing: Alison Parker, daughter of the British ambassador.

When the robbers ask the hostages if they prefer to leave or if they want to stay for a million euros, Mercedes understands that it is a trap and refuses that his students leave.

Mercedes Colmenar money heist wiki
NameMercedes Colmenar
OccupationHigh school teacher
AffiliationBrighton College, hostages
Eye ColorBlack
Skin ColorWhite
Hair ColorBlack

Anna Gras Introduction

Anna Gras is a Spanish actress. She was born on October 31, 1980, in Barcelona, Spain. Anna gained international popularity by playing the role of Mercedes Colmenar in the series of Money Heist. She is the younger sister of director Marc Gras.

She studied in Spain and continued in the United States, in New York. She joined a theater company at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. After high school, she began studying law, then drama, in addition to singing and dancing.

Anna Gras wiki

Anna Gras Wiki

NameAnna Gras
BornOctober 31, 1980
Birth PlaceBarcelona, Spain
FamilyMarc Gras (brother)

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