Suárez – Money Heist | La Casa De Papel [2021]

Suarez is a police inspector in the money heist. He was working with the colonel to stop the heist. He tries to go inside the royal mint through a secret tunnel but he didn’t succeed.

Also, in part 3 of the money heist, he was trying to go inside the bank. But Suarez and his team got tied up. This was a very bad situation for Suarez.

Suárez money heist wiki

Suárez commands the operations of the Grupo Especial de Operaciones during the robbery of the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

He orders to shoot the masked individual when several hostages and robbers come out on the roof, under the instructions of Raquel Murillo. This individual turned out to be Arturo Román, who was subsequently treated.

He will try to enter the Factory with the agent Garcia Lobo to infiltrate the hold-up from the inside (by putting on Dalí masks ).

But the Professor, being aware of the police plan, warns the group of robbers: the latter change masks (masks resembling Munch’s Cry), the police must then turn around so as not to be spotted.

He will eventually take control of operations with Colonel Prieto when Raquel Murillo is suspected of complicity with the robbers.

When the robbers leave the Factory, he orders a group of police officers who return to the scene. They will eventually destroy Berlin, which was left to allow the others to escape.

Suárez Money Heist Wiki

OccupationPolice Inspector
Eye ColorBlack
Skin ColorFair
Hair ColorBlack

Mario De La Rosa Wiki

Mario de la Rosa (Madrid, Spain) began training as an actor relatively late in life. His bold physique, together with his easy relationship with the camera, have slowly but steadily garnered him a solid career as an actor.

Some of his latest credits include “La Casa de Papel” (“Money Heist”), now streaming on Netflix worldwide, BBC’s “The Night Manager”, Neil Marshall’s “Hellboy” and the latest James Cameron production “Terminator: Dark Fate”. He combines his work in film and TV with theater productions, having made his stage debut in Madrid in 2015.

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