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Mari Carmen was the wife of assistant inspector Ángel Rubio. Their relationship has not worked properly since her husband fell in love with teammate Raquel. She knows this and moreover has a certain bitterness towards Raquel.

Mari Carmen Wiki

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, she calls her husband while he goes to the Palomeque pharmacy.

As the robbery of the National Mint and Stamp Factory advances, Ángel is contemptuously attacked by Raquel, so that in a desperate attempt he will confess his love to him by explaining that he could leave his wife for her.

Unfortunately, his desperation made him lose control of the vehicle he was in and he ended up in a coma.

Sometime after her husband’s accident, Mari Carmen goes to her bedside and meets Raquel in the hospital. She then asked him the reasons for this accident, since he was not in his normal state and had an attitude close to suicide.

carmen money heist wiki

Raquel does not want to admit that she is partly responsible for the accident, and Mari Carmen accuses her of the fact that Ángel has been in love with her for so long, implying that she is responsible for this event.

She confides to Raquel that she has been waiting for seven years for him to no longer be in love with the inspector.

NameMari Carmen
Family Ángel Rubio (ex-husband)

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