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Colonel Luis Tamayo is the new chief of operations concerning the bank robbery case of the Bank of Spain. When the CNI takes charge of the robbery of the Bank of Spain, Tamayo replaces Prieto as chief of operations. He is leading the police team against the robbers.

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Luis Tamayo Money Heist

NameLuis Tamayo
OccupationColonel at CNI
First appearance48 meters underground

Fernando Cayo Wiki

Fernando Cayo Jiménez Álvarez is a Spanish actor, director, and musician. He was born in Valladolid, Spain on April 22, 1968. He studied at the School of Dramatic Arts in Valladolid with Carlos Vides and at the Conservatory of Valladolid and continues his apprenticeship at the Scuola Internazionale dell’Attore Comico with Antonio Fava in Italy.

Then perfect techniques such as the Commedia dell’Arte with Fabio Mangolini, the masks with Erhard Stiefel of the Teatre du Soleil, and with I Made Djimat, Kathakali with Karunakaran Nair, or the Greek tragedy with the actress Aspasia Papathanassiou.

Study audiovisual interpretation with Paco Pino, Mariano Barroso, and Montxo Armendáriz.

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Perfect the verse in the National Classical Theater Company with Vicente Fuentes.

Among others, it has the prize for the best actor of the Toulouse Film Festival, the International Festival of Young Filmmakers of Granada, the Iberian Film Festival of Badajoz ( 2002 ), with the Golden Cluster of Serrada and the Province of Theater Theater Award Valladolid 2007.

He also played the role of Luis Tamayo in Part 3 of Money Heist.

Full NameFernando Cayo Jiménez Álvarez
Date of BirthApril 22 as 1968
Birth PlaceValladolid ( Spain
Age51 years

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