La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 7 – Money Heist S01E07

Episode 7 (Season 1) is the seventh episode of Season 1 of La Casa de Papel. In France, it has been broadcast on Netflix since December 20, 2017.

money heist season 1 Ep7

Summary Money Heist Season 1 Ep 7

The Professor risks being discovered due to progress in the investigation and a mistake made by one of the burglars.

After having watched many hours of video surveillance, the police finally find a clue which could be useful to them: the day when Rio and Tokyo came to the Factory to locate the places, they deposited the key of their car at the entrance. Raquel launched researches to find the exact model of the vehicle (from the photo of the car keys) and try to find it. The police eventually succeed: it is a Seat Ibiza from 1992.

At the same time, the Professor who hears the police plan calls Helsinki to the Factory to make sure that he had the car destroyed in a car breakage as he had asked.

But Helsinki preferred to send his family the thousand euros that the Professor had given him so that the car was run over in front of his eyes. It is therefore not certain that the vehicle was indeed destroyed, which is all the more dangerous since the fingerprints had not been erased.

The Professor, therefore, decides to go and check by going to the scrapyard, but it is closed. Deciding all the same to enter, he is spotted by the guard who pursues him for some time.

After hiding in an old car, the guard lifts him up with a crane. When he finally comes down to the ground, the Professor tries to buy his car, but not having much money on him, the guard throws him outside.

Meanwhile, Berlin isolated a few women from the rest of the group, possibly to scare them. Next door, Rio and Tokyo discuss what awaits them outside and the reasons that led them to enter the world of crime.

Returning to the hangar, the Professor receives a call from the police, who offers to release some hostages. He accepts and gives a list of eight students ready to go out, but Alison Parker, the priority of Colonel Prieto, is not part of this list.

The Professor finally agrees to return Alison, but without the other eight hostages, which the police accept. Unfortunately for Raquel, he recorded the conversation and sent it to all the radio stations in the country.

Sometime later, research on the car resumed and Raquel ordered to search the scrap yards in the area. Hearing this, the Professor decides to go to the scrapyard and begins to disinfect the car.

He took the opportunity to voluntarily deposit a button on the Berlin jacket inside, and narrowly escaped the police who had just arrived. To get out of the scrapyard without being noticed, he turns into a beggar and manages to return to the hangar.

At the same time, Raquel finds the products he has just used to clean the car, and understands, unfortunately too late, that the brains of the robbery have just left the scene.

We learn that Tokyo’s mother died of a heart attack in the months before the robbery.

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