La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 4 – Money Heist S01E04

Episode 4 (Season 1) is the fourth episode of Season 1 of La Casa de Papel. In France, it has been broadcast on Netflix since December 20, 2017.

money heist season 1 Ep4

Money Heist Season 1 Ep 4 Summary

Raquel is going through a personal crisis with her ex. The hostages are afraid when they hear gunshots. Burglars can’t agree.

Denver must kill Mónica Gaztambide who stole a cell phone. But he does not have the strength, and both agree to shoot him in the thigh to make-believe in his death. To hide it, he takes her to a separate vault.

The police and the professor have a telephone conversation again, but the latter does not seem to want to surrender, contrary to what Raquel and the colonel hope.

Raquel receives a few moments later a call from her mother, suffering from Alzheimer’s: Alberto, her ex-husband, took her daughter Paula to go for a walk; however, Paula is in Raquel’s care three-quarters of the time.

Alberto finally returns sometime later with his daughter.

To take a break, Raquel chats with Salva in Hanoi and tells him that her ex-husband beat her for several years and that she did not dare to file a complaint since he was also a police officer and very appreciated by everyone in the police station.

Following Mónica’s false execution, the robbers, who heard the shots, attacked Berlin. The latter explains that he had no choice and the others are completely lost since a rule has been broken: no blood.

When Moscow learns that his son has executed a hostage, he is subject to an anxiety attack. He decides to open the doors of the Factory to breathe some air, risking being shot by the police.

Denver gets him in at the last minute, explaining that he did not kill the hostage, but that he pretended.

Mónica, hidden in a vault, still has the bullet in her thigh, but Denver dares not operate on her, so she makes a makeshift bandage while waiting for her to get better.

So that Moscow can catch its breath and calm down, the robbers decide to take him out accompanied by other hostages on the roof for a few minutes, hooded and masked so that the police cannot shoot.

But Arturo understands that it was Mónica, her lover, who was killed, gets angry and begins to attack one of the robbers. The police then take him for a robber and Raquel orders to open fire: he is hit in the shoulder.

Finally, we learn why Moscow took his son with him in this robbery: the previous months, Denver owed money to a dealer, his father was therefore forced to find money to help him.

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