La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 3 – Money Heist S01E03

Episode 3 (Season 1) is the third episode of Season 1 of La Casa de Papel. In France, it has been broadcast on Netflix since December 20, 2017.

money heist season 1 Ep3

Money Heist Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

The police identify one of the burglars. Raquel is suspicious of the man she met in a bar.

Sitting at the counter of a bar, Inspector Murillo, tired of conflicts with Colonel Prieto, calls her chief at six in the morning to resign. Unfortunately for her, her phone no longer has a battery, but a stranger, who is none other than the Professor, offers her own. Sometime later, the Commissioner called her back and convinced her to return to work.

In the Factory, the robbers have already managed to print 52 million euros and continue their plan: a hostage, Mónica Gaztambide, is responsible for reading to the police a press release from the robbers, which specifies that the hostages are well treated, and above all, that one cannot attack the Factory without risking injury to hostages.

Assistant Inspector Rubio ordered not to fire, contrary to what Colonel Prieto had hoped for.

Berlin is recruiting a few hostages (including Arturo and Pablo) to dig a tunnel in the basements of the building. Shortly after, Alison, who wants to delete an embarrassing photo of herself on the Internet, manages to discreetly get her phone. It allows the police, who hack the camera of their smartphone, to obtain the face of a robber: Rio. Berlin decides to punish Rio for his carelessness and is beaten up by Oslo and Helsinki. Tokyo then becomes mad with rage when she learns it.

In the basement, Arturo, certain that he was going to be killed, decided to go and see what was hiding in the robbers’ crates and thus discovered explosives and weapons.

Raquel and the stranger who lent him his phone come across the bar by chance, and Raquel, who finds this coincidence unlikely, violently orders him to give him his dictaphone taking him for a journalist. The Professor explains that he comes regularly, which the barman confirms, and Raquel leaves the bar, without even apologizing.

The police deliver medicines requested by the hostages, including an abortion pill for Mónica, pregnant with her boss. But Denver strongly advises him against having an abortion and gives him secretly € 20,000 to allow him to raise his child.

What he doesn’t know is that Mónica has just recovered a phone hidden in his office; unfortunately for her, the phone rings and betrays her. Berlin finally orders Denver to kill her.

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