La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 11 – Money Heist S01E11

Episode 11 (Season 1) is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of La Casa de Papel. In France, it has been broadcast on Netflix since December 20, 2017.

money heist season 1 Ep11


Ángel and Raquel question their respective loyalties. Mónica takes the initiative with Denver, Rio must make a difficult decision.

Angel Rubio starts to get drunk because of the robbery. As for the robbers, Moscow has managed to dig the hole and to celebrate, he sings Bella Ciao.

Arturo Román wants to make a plan to escape with another hostage, Jacinto, who is not really confident. Then Rio speaks with the police since the factory following the arrival of Raquel Murillo. The police blackmail him.

She offers to swing the plan but Rio remembers what the Professor had said during the months of preparation and the pressure that Tokyo had previously put on him.

Finally, he said nothing and the police were empty-handed. Berlin is hateful with Alison Parker and Mercedes Colmenar. He puts pressure on Alison by quoting certain members of his family.

After the Professor thwarted the police plan, Raquel Murillo and Ángel Rubio both suspect that they are the mole in the police force and therefore accomplices of the robbers and both tear each other apart. Arturo Román, who had made a plan, accuses his accomplice.

Meanwhile, Salva and Raquel have a date in Hanoi. But suddenly the inspector jumped on him; she suspects to be the mastermind of the robbery. She points him with her pistol under the table.

Denver and Mónica Gaztambide still in the vault, kiss then they make love together. Angel, who has fallen out with Raquel, wants to return to the investigation. Jacinto, Arturo’s accomplice, managed to recover the tool they wanted.

Main Cast

Úrsula Corberó: Tokyo
Itziar Ituño: Raquel Murillo
Álvaro Morte: The Professor
Pedro Alonso: Berlin
Alba Flores: Nairobi
Miguel Herrán: Rio
Jaime Lorente: Denver
Paco All: Moscow
Darko Peric: Helsinki
Roberto García: Oslo
Esther Acebo: Mónica Gaztambide
Enrique Arce: Arturo Román
María Pedraza: Alison Parker
Kiti Mánver: Mariví Fuentes

Secondary cast

Fernando Soto: Angel Rubio
Pedro Pablo Isla: Jacinto

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