La Casa De Papel Season 1 Episode 10 – Money Heist S01E10

Episode 10 (Season 1) is the tenth episode of Season 1 of La Casa de Papel. In France, it has been broadcast on Netflix since December 20, 2017.

money heist season 1 Ep10

Money Heist S01 E10 Summary

Raquel enters the Mint House to make sure that all the hostages are still unharmed. Nairobi gives advice to Alison.

In the tenth episode, the other hostages attack Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador. Nairobi decides to speak to her. Raquel Murillo decides to call Salva to invite him to dinner. Meanwhile, we learn more about Berlin disease. On the side of Arturo Román and Mónica Gaztambide, these meet but Mónica does not seem to be delighted to have this discussion.

Raquel decides to go back to the Factory, she wants to meet the Professor but Berlin who receives him warns him that he is busy and for good reason, he is not inside. Inspector Murillo decides to see all the hostages see if they are in good health and well treated.

Mónica talks about it to tell Raquel about her abortion but during this discussion, the secretary’s wound has reopened.

Meanwhile, the hostages controlled by Arturo Román want to escape. For their part, Tokyo and Rio learn that Berlin will eventually die due to his illness. Angel Rubio finds the hideout of Salva which he believes to be the Professor. He steals a teaspoon, which could endanger him.

Main cast

Úrsula Corberó: Tokyo
Itziar Ituño: Raquel Murillo
Álvaro Morte: The Professor
Pedro Alonso: Berlin
Alba Flores: Nairobi
Miguel Herrán: Rio
Jaime Lorente: Denver
Paco All: Moscow
Darko Peric: Helsinki
Roberto García: Oslo
Esther Acebo: Mónica Gaztambide
Enrique Arce: Arturo Román
María Pedraza: Alison Parker
Kiti Mánver: Mariví Fuentes

Secondary Casting

Fernando Soto : Angel Rubio
Anna Gras: Mercedes Colmenar

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