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Jacinto works at the Royal Mint of Spain as a vigil. He is the watchman at the Fabrique. On Friday, October 21, 2016, he was taken hostage during a robbery.

Jacinto Story

The following Sunday, when Inspector Raquel Murillo entered the Factory to personally verify that the hostages were well, he told the latter that his general condition was quite good.

Jacinto money heist wiki

Later, Pablo Ruiz again applies one of Arturo Rom├ín’s escape plans: he hides tools in the toilet so that Jacinto can retrieve them later. Once Jacinto and a few other hostages manage to get rid of Oslo by hitting him hard on the head, they head for the exit and find Pablo at the scheduled meeting point.

But Arturo, caught in a downtime, is not there. They wait for a few minutes and finally decide to leave without him.


Pedro Pablo Isla Wiki

pedro pablo isla wiki

Pedro Pablo Isla is a Spanish actor. He was born on Sep 10, 1976, in Badalona, Spain. Pedro Pablo gained popularity by his role Jacinto which he plays in the tv series money heist.

Full NamePedro Pablo Isla
Date of BirthSep 10th, 1976,
Age43 years

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