Is Tokyo Denver’s Mother? Detailed Answer [2021]

Tokyo is NOT the mother of Denver. They are completely different characters. You are much, not to say, everyone, to think that Tokyo is the mother of Denver, because you saw Moscow addressing the robber as if she were the mother of her son. Let me tell you that you misinterpreted what you saw and heard.

So Let’s Start!

Money Heist Denver's Mother

Moscow had received three bullets from the police in the abdomen, several hours earlier. Over time, the blood that gets lost, it becomes pale, all that. In short, so at some point, we had to expect it to unlock, that it would be bursting with delirium.

When the time came, he, therefore, addressed Tokyo, which remained with him, as if he were addressing Denver’s mother. A bit as if he wanted her (I’m talking about the mother, there) to know before he died in turn (since he knows he is almost doomed).

He just needed to say it, like she was really still there. Tokyo was by her side, she just went into her delirium by answering “Yes, okay” etc.

Be a little logical. Have you seen Tokyo and Denver side by side? The two should not be more than ten years apart. Tokyo in their thirties and Denver must be around twenty-five.

Unless I’m mistaken, Tokyo is not presented as a drug addict, just a thief and robber it seems to me, while Denver’s mother, yes. This is also a point on which the series (and incidentally Moscow) insists on this character only mentioned. I may add a few more points if some come back to me. But here basically, only one thing to remember: Tokyo is not the mother of Denver.

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