Helsinki: Yashin Dasáyev La Casa De Papel – Money Heist [2021]

Yashin Dasáyev, known by his code name Helsinki in Money Heist. He is a robber and war veteran. Also the member of the heist group and helped to rob the royal mint of Spain.

Helsinki and his cousin Oslo have great information about weapons and they have a great experience on how to use them. Here we will discuss and give you some information and answers to most asked questions about Helsinki.

Helsinki Money Heist Wiki, Bio

Helsinki money heist wiki

Helsinki and Oslo were two great soldiers and Bodybuilders in the heist group. They follow all the orders giving by berlin in the royal mint of Spain.

Helsinki leaves his home and sending money to his family. Professor gives him a car to destroy it but he sold that car and send money to his family.

General Info Yashin Dasáyev Money Heist

Full NameYashin Dasáyev
Code NameHelsinki
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorDark Brown (Beard)

Yashin Dasáyev Relationships in Money Heist:

Berlin: Helsinki follows all the orders of berlin. They have a great friendship. Berlin and Helsinki respect each other.

Palermo: Helsinki and Palermo also have a great relationship.

Nairobi: She said that she loves Helsinki.

Oslo: Helsinki and Oslo were two best friends. They go to jail together, robbed together, fight together. Oslo was too close in Helsinki’s heart.

Darko Peric Wiki Bio

Darko Peric wiki

Darko Peric was born in Kladovo 25th March 1977 to a Serbian family. He is a Serbian actor. Darko has an interest in the Arts scene from a very young age.

He played first on the stage when a Cuban singer invited him on stage to sing Guantanamera. For a 6-year boy from Yugoslavia, this was a great experience for Darko and this changed his life.

Then he started to perform in every play in school. He also has a big passion for basketball.

Darko Peric Real Life General Info

Full NameDarko Peric
Born25th March 1977
Age42 years
Birth PlaceKladovo, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia
Skin ColorWhite

Darko Peric Movies

2019Under the Same Roof
2016Garantia Personal
2015A Perfect Day


2017 – PresentMoney Heist (La casa de Papel)

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