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Pablo Ruiz is part of the group of students visiting the Royal Mint of Spain. He is the handsome boy of the class, the one with whom all the girls are in love. He’s seventeen, and he likes to be the center of attention.

He also has little self-confidence. They why I am saying this because he was the part of the group of hostages who will escape during the robbery.

Pablo is out at the Royal Mint of Spain with his comrades at Brighton College in Madrid.

Pablo Ruiz Story

Pablo Ruiz money heist wiki

In the school bus, he sits next to Alison Parker and offers to go out with him, which she accepts, a little surprised by this request.

Then once in the Factory, they go to the toilet to kiss out of sight. Pablo even wants to take a photo of her naked, she accepts but when taking the photo, he takes off her bra and posts the image on the Internet.

At that time, Tokyo enters the toilet and takes them near the other hostages.

Shortly after, Moscow chose a few hostages, including Pablo and Arturo Román, to dig a tunnel.

When Moscow leaves them alone, Arturo offers to Pablo to go and see what is hidden under the tarp which is a few meters from them.

The latter discovers in crate weapons, cans of petrol, and explosives. It is from there that the two men will maintain a certain form of friendship.

On the other hand, he still has a mistrust of Alison, all the more when he learns, on Sunday, October 23, that the police decided to exchange him alone, rather than eight hostages.

He then tries to intimidate him with several of his comrades in the toilets. But Nairobi arrives in time and sends them away.

Later, Pablo applies Arturo’s plan again. He hides some tools in the toilet so that Jacinto can retrieve them later.

Once Jacinto and a few other hostages manage to get rid of Oslo, they head for the exit and find Pablo at the scheduled meeting point.

But Arturo, caught in a downtime, is not there. They wait for a few minutes and finally decide to leave without him.

Once outside, they give the police all the details of the Factory they remember as well as everything they know about the perpetrators.

Pablo also specifies what he knows about the tunnel he dug with Arturo.

Pablo Ruiz Wiki Money Heist

Full NamePablo Ruiz
AffiliationBrighton College, Students, Hostages
AppearanceEpisode 1 to Episode 12 (Season 1)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack
Skin ColorFair

Pablo Ruiz Relationships in Money Heist

He maintains a certain form of friendship with the director of the Factory, Arturo Román, and will follow his plans several times (stealing tools from robbers, looking in the basement boxes)

Nairobi is certainly the one with whom he has the worst relationship. She immediately understands that he is the popular boy of his class and defends Alison by mocking and openly humiliating him in front of his comrades.

At the very beginning of the story, when the group of students has just arrived at Royal Mint of Spain, he makes Alison believe that he loves her and manages to take a photo of her intimacy.

Fran Morcillo Introduction

Fran Morcillo is a Spanish actor. He was born in 1995 in Spain. Fran Morcillo is known for his role “Pablo Ruiz” in the television series Money Heist. He is also known for My Heart Goes Boom! (2020) and Servir y proteger (2017).

Fran Morcillo Wiki

Fran Morcillo wiki
Full NameFrancisco Morcillo Gerona
Birth PlaceSpain
Age23 years
Height1.80 m
Hair ColorBrown

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