Denver: Jaime Lorente – La Casa De Papel – Money Heist

Denver is the character of a money heist. All team members know him by his code name Denver. His official name in the money heist is Ricardo Ramos.

There is little confusion in his name some people are saying that they heard Daniel when Denver was revealing his name to Monica.

In this article, you are going to know what is the real name of Denver in money heist and in his real life. There are many other things that you should know about.

Denver Money Heist Wiki

Denver wiki money heist

Denver is a son of Moscow. His father is also complaining that his son is not clever enough and he can’t spend his life by making his own decision. On the other way, Denver is also complaining of his father about his Mom.

This is their personal problems but the heist, Denver is the perfect and his father too. Denver is a short-tempered and fast decision-maker.

His laughing style got very famous among fan and they love his style.

Denver Name in Money Heist

Here are two versions, and the Ricardo version is used only on Netflix, no matter the sub language But the actor is credited as Daniel on different online sources. His original name was Daniel but they changed it for Netflix.

General Info About Denver La casa De Papel

Full NameRichardo (Daniel) Ramos
Code NameDenver
Lover(s)Vane (ex-girlfriend)
Monica Gaztamide/Stockholm (wife)
Skin ColorFair
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlack
Height1,70 – 1,80m

Denver Relationships in Money Heist

Moscow: Denver care about his father but he didn’t forget his mom’s death. Moscow and Denver sometime have an argument about Denver’s mom. This made their relations sometimes very bad.

Monica Gaztembide: Denver loves Monica who was the hostage in the royal mint of Spain. Denver got an order from Berlin to kill Monica. She was pregnant and Denver choose to save her. After the heist, he marries her. He has good relationships with Monica and they love each other.

Other Crew Members: He is working very well with other team members. There are some problems and the team has to go through but Denver gets angry sometimes.

Jaime Lorente Wiki

Jaime Lorente wiki

Jaime Lorente López is a Spanish actor. His stage name and professionally known as Jaime Lorente. He gained her international popularity by playing the role of Ricardo Ramos and his code was Denver.

Most of his international fans know him by his code name “Denver”. There are many who like him because of his style of smiling.

General Info about Jaime Lorente

Full NameJaime Lorente López
BornDecember 12, 1991
Age28 years
Birth PlaceMurcia, Spain
Height1,70 – 1,80m
GirlfriendMaria Pedraza

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