Cars Breakers in Money Heist – La Casa De Papel

The scrapyard is the place where the Professor’s car was abandoned. The place is guarded by Nikolai Dimitrievich.

Helsinki, who was to destroy the car before his eyes by giving the owner a thousand euros, preferred to send the money to his family and leave the car as is at the landfill.

Also, the Professor, who heard this news, decides to go to the scrapyard to verify that the vehicle has been destroyed. But he was noticed by the guard, Nikolai, who chased and chased him.


The Professor will still go back there, this time more discreetly. He then finds the car and begins to clean up the traces of DNA and any fingerprints using ammonia.

He also took the opportunity to intentionally deposit a button on the Berlin jacket, in order to “punish” him for having ordered the execution of a hostage.

To escape the breakage without being seen by the police who just arrived on the scene, he decides to transform himself into a tramp, by damaging his face and tearing his clothes.

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