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If you have watched Money Heist Series Then you definitely know Berlin. He is one of the main characters of Money Heist. In this article, we will talk about his early life and his personality and relationships. If you want to know all these things about Berlin then keep reading this article.

Warning! This section contains spoilers.

Andrés de Fonollosa

Berlin is the code name of Andres. His official name is Andrés de Fonollosa in Mony heist. He is also the half brother of the professor. It is known that his mother had a relationship with another man which resulted in the birth of his half brother, the Professor.

Berlin in Money Heist

Berlin MOney Heist WIki

Berlin is in charge of the heist group. He follows all the orders giving by the professor. But sometimes he makes his own decisions. This is the reason why some group members don’t like him.

He was trained in various things along with his fellow robbers, and he learned all the details of the heist. Not much is known about Berlin’s early life.

However, before participating in the heist of the royal mint of Spain. He did 27 Robberies including jewelry, auction houses, security vans. One of his biggest jobs was the Champs Elysees, in Paris 434 diamonds. Before the events of the series, he was diagnosed with a muscle disease Helmer’s Myopathy.

Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin) Money Heist Family

Andrés de Fonollosa is the elder half-brother of Sergio Marquina, also known as the Professor.

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Berlin (Andres) Early Life in La Casa De Papel

In the years 2010, Berlin, which has a very long criminal record (attacks on banks and jewelry shops among others), is incarcerated in the prison Soto del Real. He then shares his cell with another detainee, but the two are not close and Fonollosa is described by his ex-co-detainee as very discreet.

Suffering from Helmer’s myopathy, a rare degenerative disease inherited from his mother and of which he is in the terminal phase which forces him to inject Retroxil every hour, he manages to smuggle this medicine into prison.

In 2016, Berlin was recruited by the Professor to be part of new steering: attack the Royal Mint to print its own notes there. For the occasion, he meets seven other robbers with whom he lives during the five months of preparation. The night before the robbery, he made the Professor promise to flee without waiting for him if something did not go as planned. He is the head of operations inside the Factory, and therefore he applies for the Professor’s orders.

Berlin When Heist Started

On Friday, October 21, 2016, the eight thieves hijack the truck responsible for delivering the paper money and Berlin takes the place of one of the two police officers responsible for escorting the truck to the Factory.

They manage to break into the premises, close the interior armored doors and are therefore locked up with sixty-seven hostages. Berlin begins to direct operations.

He then met Arturo Román, the director of the Factory, who looked under his mask several times. He then recruited a few hostages, including Arturo and Pablo Ruiz in order to dig a tunnel in the basements of the Factory.

Rio, one of the criminals, is responsible for monitoring Alison Parker, but while he turns his head, she manages to use his cell phone that the police hack at the same time, thus obtaining the face of the young robber. To punish Rio for its inattention, Berlin is beaten by Oslo and Helsinki.

A few hours later, while Denver and Mónica Gaztambide, secretary of the Factory, are discussing the latter’s abortion, Berlin arrives, interrupting them. But what he doesn’t know is that Mónica is in possession of a cell phone that she found in the office of Arturo Román.

As she prepares to walk away discreetly, the phone rings and Berlin orders Denver to kill her to “set an example”. The rest of the gang went after him, not understanding why he broke the first rule: no blood. But Denver finally decides to hide Mónica in a vault, which Berlin ignores.

While Arturo Román, injured, is treated by surgeons sent by the police, Berlin discusses with him during his medical operation. He then applies the Professor’s plan and hides a microphone in the glasses of a policeman who pretends to be a nurse.

Later, Tokyo forces him to call the Professor on the phone to explain that he has killed a hostage. The latter does so, and the Professor is in shock when he hears the news. Shortly after, Berlin isolates a few women, including Ariadna Cascales, and plays with their fear. He ends up taking one to another room.

On Saturday, October 22, 2016, the police finally manage to identify Berlin thanks to a button on his jacket that the Professor had voluntarily left in the Seat Ibiza while he was spraying the car with ammonia. Berlins’ therefore calls Andrés de Fonollosa Gonzalves, identification number 093647, white-collar criminal currently on the run.

Following a recording released by the Professor, the police turned against the whole country. But to bounce back, Raquel, therefore, decides to make the press believe that Berlin is a former pimp, specializing in the trafficking of minors.

Hearing this, Berlin understands that it was because of Denver that he was identified since the latter had put on his jacket. He then decides to punish him but discovers at the same time that Mónica is still alive. After a brief altercation, he finally agrees to keep her with them.

The police then interrogate one of his former cellmates, who admits that Berlin was passing Retroxil to prison. After research by sub-inspector Rubio, they understand that this is a drug that contributes to the treatment of Helmer’s myopathy and that Berlin has only a few months to live.

Shortly after, Raquel obtained authorization to enter the Factory to ensure the good condition of the hostages. She reveals in passing in Rio and Tokyo that Berlin is suffering from a terminal illness.

Ariadna and Berlin

He then becomes friends with Ariadna who, for fear of being killed, gives himself up and agrees to have sex with him. Berlin then decides to have a conversation with Alison who tried to flee: he makes her understand that if she again has this kind of behavior, he could attack her family, of which he quotes some members.

Berlin then participates with the other robbers to repel the police, following the escape led by Jacinto. He also examines Oslo, who suffers from a serious concussion, but refuses to let him out for treatment.

After a debate with the others, Helsinki agrees with the opinion of the head of the heist and decides not to treat him. At the same time, Ariadna asks for his freedom, but he refuses.

Money Heist Berlin Death

He is the only one of the eight robbers who stays inside the Factory in order to slow down the police while his companions escape with their money, giving his life heroically and thinking that he behaved badly all his life. He was finally killed by a group of police commanded by Suárez.

Andrés de Fonollosa General Info

Full NameAndrés de Fonollosa
Code NameBerlin
Eye ColorBrown
Skin ColorFair
Hair Color Black
Lover(s)Ariadna Cascales (formerly) Tatiana (ex-wives) Unnamed ex-wives

Andres Relationships in Money Heist

Palermo: Andres was a close friend with Palermo.

Sergio Marquina: Andres was the half brother of Sergio.

Berlin has been married several times (precisely five times), but no marriage has worked because of its character. He says that he believed in love five times, but that he stopped believing because, according to him, once a child is born, it becomes the mother’s center of attention. and therefore destroys the couple relationship.

During the robbery, he meets Ariadna Cascales, one of the employees of the Factory who has become a hostage. As the days go by, a strange relationship begins between them. But Ariadna is only with him for survival and to recover his money once he is dead because, in reality, he disgusts it.

Pedro González Alonso Wiki

Pedro Alonso wiki

Pedro González Alonso was born on 21 June 1971. He is a Spanish actor. Professionally known by Pedro Alonso. He got his international popularity for playing the character of Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin) in the Spanish heist series Money Heist (La casa de Papel), originally aired on Antena 3 and currently broadcast on Netflix.

Also known for his roles in Father Casares (2014–2015), Rías Baixas (2003–2005), Maridos e mulleres (2006–2008), and Gondar (2009), at a local level in Galicia, and nationally for playing characters such as Diego Murquía/Adrián Vera Celande in Gran Hotel. In 2018, he was chosen as “International Star of the Year” by GQ Turkey magazine. Alonso also co-starred in Diablo Guardian, Amazon Prime Video’s first drama series in Latin America, which was released in May 2018.

Pedro Gonzalez Alonso General Info

Full NamePedro González Alonso
Born21 June 1971
Age48 years
Birth PlaceVigo, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain

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