Axel: Nairobi Son | La Casa De Papel – Money Heist

Axel is the son of Nairobi. He now lives with a foster family. He is a very lively child, who climbs everything he sees. A “real ax”, according to his mother.

Axel Money Heist

In 2012, Nairobi left the family home because of her stepfather who gave alcohol to Axel, then three years old.

So she begins a new life with her son, and everything goes well for several months. But one day, Nairobi leaves him alone for a few minutes to go sell the tablets.

And Axel, then three and a half years old, takes the opportunity to go out on the terrace, playing it like Spiderman and climb on a chair, shouting “Mum! Mum ! “.

Within five minutes, police and firefighters arrive and Nairobi is arrested with the tablets. She is sent to prison and Axel is placed in the hands of several foster families. She has no right to any visit or a phone call.

He lives with a wealthy family in the Canaries. At the start of the robbery, Nairobi intended to recover it. But she finally decides to let him live her life.

In 2018, during the robbery of the Bank of Spain, Alicia Sierra brings Axel in front of the bank to attract Nairobi to the window. The snipers were then able to hit it with a bullet.

Money Heist no picture cast
FamilyNairobi (biological mother)
Host family
OccupationSchoolboy (probably)

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