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Francisco Torres is one of the hostages held within the Royal Mint of Spain where he has been working for twenty-seven years.

He is the oldest of them. He mainly works with Nairobi for the ticket factory and will later be praised by the latter for his help.

Dean of the Factory, it is he who is in particular in charge of printing notes, under the direction of Nairobi with whom he maintains a good relationship and whom he always calls “Miss Nairobi”.

Torres has three daughters, one of whom has been unemployed for seven years. In 1989, Francisco Torres was hired at the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

Francisco Torres Story in Money Heist

Like every morning, October 21, 2016, Francisco Torres goes to his work at the Royal Mint Factory but finds himself in the middle of a robbery. On Wednesday 23 October, he was elected “hostage of the year”, for having printed exactly 311 million euros in less than forty hours, having thus broken his own record in printing.

francisco torres money heist wiki

Later, when the robbers propose to the hostages to choose between money and freedom, he will not hesitate and will remain within the Factory in order to continue printing money notes, because according to him, “the work that [he] does here [he] likes it a lot more than anything [he] has done in [his] life”, and that he never had a chef like“ Mademoiselle Nairobi ”.

On October 25, 2016, Nairobi summons him to his office, asking if it is possible to increase the printing speed. Torres replies that yes, but that if a problem arises, it would take three hours to restart the machines. The robber then asks him to calculate the possible increase in production.

While he is running, he discovers in an adjacent office an open bag filled with weapons, then Arturo Román, his boss, hidden under a desk. He is actually preparing to exchange a dummy weapon for a real one.

Torres tells him that he will have to report him so as not to get in trouble, but Arturo threatens him, “armed”. The old man then points out to him that his weapon is a fake.

The director of the Factory does not listen to him and tells him that once the robbery is finished, he would have him fired if he denounced him.

Francisco Torres Wiki Money Heist

NameFrancisco Torres
OccupationBanknote printer at the Royal Mint of Spain
FamilyThree Girls
Hair ColorGrey
Skin ColorFair
Eye ColorBlack

Antonio Cuellar Rodriguez Wiki

Antonio Cuellar Rodriguez is a Spanish actor. He is professionally known by Antonio Cuellar. He studied at the Instituto del Cine in Madrid. He gained his popularity by playing the role of Francisco Torres in the television series Money Heist.

Antonio Cuellar Rodriguez wiki
Full NameAntonio Cuellar Rodriguez
Place of BirthSpain
Height1.67 m

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