Angel Rubio: – Money Heist – La Casa De Papel [2021]

Ángel Rubio is a police sub-inspector, in pairs with inspector Raquel Murillo for fifteen years. He is responsible for solving the case of the robbery at the royal mint of Spain.

Angel Rubio

Angel money heist wiki

During the robbery, he manages to enter the Royal Mint by posing as a nurse, accompanied by two surgeons. But the Professor is not fooled and recognizes the sub-inspector whom he has already met in person in Hanoi.

He then informs the robbers who hide a microphone in one of the branches of the policeman’s glasses during a search. This is how the Professor can hear everything that is said in the police tent.

After Inspector Murillo suspects him of being a mole in the police, the two argue violently and Ángel ends up driving drunk at night while leaving fifteen voice messages on Raquel’s phone.

This behavior will then cause him a road accident which plunges him into an artificial coma. However, he will eventually wake up.

Biographical Info of Angel Rubio in Money Heist

NameAngel Rubio
OccupationPolice Deputy Inspector
FamilyCarmen (ex-wife)
Hair colorBlack

Angel Rubio Relationships in Money Heist

Angel Rubio was married to Mari Carmen. He had been in love with his colleague and friend, Inspector Raquel Murillo for a long time. Both had a brief adventure eight years earlier.

Fernando Soto Wiki

fernando soto wiki

Fernando Soto is a Spanish actor. He was born on 18 October 1986. Fernando has appeared in more than fifty films since 1993. He also plays the role of Ángel Rubio in the Money Heist series.

NameFernando Soto
BornOctober 18 , 1968
Birth PlaceMadrid, Spain
Age51 years

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