Alfonso Prieto: Money Heist – La Casa De Papel [2021]

Colonel Alfonso Prieto is the representative of the CNI during the robbery of the Royal Mint.

Alfonso Prieto

Prieto is a somewhat macho man, often in conflict with Inspector Raquel Murillo. Its main objective in the robbery is to release Alison Parker, daughter of the British ambassador, to prevent the affair from becoming an international diplomatic incident.

Alfonso prieto money heist wiki

Since his failure to carry out his mission regarding the robbery of the Royal Mint, he has suffered from post-traumatic stress, which results in erectile dysfunction.

NameAlfonso Prieto
OccupationColonel at CNI
AffiliationCentro Nacional de Inteligencia
FamilyMarcia (wife)

Who Plays Alfonso Prieto in Money Heist?

Juan Fernández is a Spanish actor who plays Colonel Prieto in the television series Money Heist. He was born in Seville, Spain.

Juan Fernández Wiki money heist
NameJuan Fernández
Place of BirthSeville, Spain

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