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Alberto Vicuña is a police inspector. He is also the ex-husband of inspector Raquel Murillo. Alberto is cold and macho, but he is highly appreciated by his colleagues. He had relationships with Raquel’s sister and made advances to his daughter’s teacher Paula.

Alberto Vicuña

Alberto is subject to a restraining order for ill-treatment after his ex-wife Raquel denounced him as being violent, even if no one believed her since she only complained after having discovered that he had a relationship with his sister, Laura.

Taking into account the context and the notoriety of Inspector Vicuña within the services, the police put this under the blow of jealousy, and Raquel is not listened to.

Alberto Vicuña Money Heist wiki

Since the divorce, Alberto cannot see his daughter once every two weeks. But on Paula’s birthday, he goes to her house to take her for a ride to the funfair, taking advantage of Mariví’s Alzheimer’s and the fact that Raquel is very busy, even going so far as to say to her daughter that her mother’s statements are false and that these are lies.

They both return a few hours later. At this point, Raquel wants to file a complaint about a violation of the restrictive order, but he denies his authority and leaves the house.

Being one of the best forensic officers, he works actively on the robbery case of the Royal Mint. He will later be responsible for inspecting the car in which the Professor has infiltrated.

Shortly after the discovery of the Toledo house, Salva (aka the Professor) who is on the scene wants to go home and Alberto then offers to bring him back in his car. He accepts and gets into the vehicle. But he begins to insult her moments later, claiming that he can only use his muscles.

Alberto stops the car and orders him to come and fight with him. The Professor runs and manages to control him, causing him to pass out.

He will take the opportunity to exchange the samples of evidence taken by the police. After Alberto regains his senses, he arrests Salva and takes him to the police station.

He will later understand that Salva is actually the brains behind the robbery. Alberto is also one of those who will end up believing that Inspector Murillo, his ex-wife, is an accomplice of the robbers, because of his new relationship with the Professor.

NameAlberto Vicuña
OccupationPolice inspector
Scientific police
Canillas Police Station
FamilyRaquel Murillo (ex-wife)
Paula Vicuña (daughter)
Laura Murillo (sister-in-law and partner)
Mariví Fuentes (mother-in-law)

Miquel García Borda Wiki

Miquel García Borda is a Spanish actor who plays the role of Alberto Vicuña in the TV series of Money Heist.

miquel garcia wiki
Name Miquel García Borda
Place of BirthCatalonia, Spain
Nationality Spanish

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